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Welcome to Window Sills Direct.

Window Sills Direct window sill- Bisque (2) offers quality window sills and shower accessories made from durable CORIAN®, HI-MACS®, natural stone and other solid surface products. CORIAN®, HI-MACS® and stone can change an ordinary window sill into a decorative accent piece for any room.

brown window sillEspecially good for bathrooms, kitchens or any other room with high moisture or UV ray exposure from the sun; CORIAN® and HI-MACS® will not fade, warp or crack.

after (2)It is perfect for shower seats and bathroom accessories as well.   These solid surface materials comply with low VOC regulations and is safe for use in any household.

Our products are made to order in Colorado and shipped to your doorstep anywhere in the country within days of making your purchase.  Most orders are filled and shipped within 2 weeks of order.  Larger orders may take longer and may be scheduled to fit your time frame.  Unlike other solid surface providers, there is no minimum purchase for most colors.  We also offer discounts for Contractors and high volume purchases.  All of CORIAN’s® colors are available and we have a wide selection on hand ready to be made to your specifications.

Window Sills Direct can keep our prices low by allowing you to be in complete control of your order.  You give us your measurements and color choice.  You are in charge of the install on your own time line with out contractors and strangers in your home.  Installation is easy with 100% silicon adhesive.  The process is simple; order on line or fill out an order sheet from the SPECIAL ORDERS tab and fax it in.  You are in control of the measurement, colors and decorative edges.  You have the ability to choose any color, size and edge to fit your taste and style.  We can manufacture to fit new construction or retrofit into a remodel or upgrade project.

Let us help you add an attractive and durable upgrade to your home today.

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