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Q:  What if my sills do not fit?

A:  Your window sills will be cut to within 1/8″ of your order.  If the sills do not fit due to our mistake; simply contact us and we will re-cut and send you new sills at no cost to you.  If the sills are cut properly and they do not fit due to movement of the wall or incorrect measurements, Corian® can be cut, shaped and sanded just like wood.  Use carbide blades and sandpaper to slowly change the shape of the sill to fit your frame.

Q:  Do you supply to the public?

A:  Yes.  Window Sills Direct is open to the public and to businesses of all sizes.

Q:  Do you have a minimum order?

A:   Because we cater to all sizes of businesses and projects, we do not have a minimum size or number of pieces to be ordered for most colors.  We can manage anything from one small window sill to supplying a large apartment complex remodel or new build.  For larger projects we do offer discounts on volume purchases

Q:  Do you offer any other colors or products?

A:  Yes, we can supply many different colors and brands.  Call or email for information about the products you are looking for.

Q:  Do you offer contractor discounts?
A:  Yes, we sure do. Register for an account on the My Account page and then email us to request the contractor discount, along with your company name. Once we’ve tweaked your account in our system, you’ll see discount pricing for all our products.

We offer several pricing tiers that coincide with your order size.  Please call Silas 303-916-4655  for more information.

Q:  Do you offer tax exemptions?
A:  Yes we do. Register for an account on the My Account page and then email or fax us a copy of your tax exempt certificate and the email address you used to register. Once we’ve tweaked your account in our system, you’ll be able to make purchases without having tax charged on checkout.

Q:   Do you offer samples?

A:   Yes we do.  Just send an email to sales@windowsillsdirect.com with the your contact information, the colors you you’d like, and the address you’d like them shipped to. Samples are 2 inch x 2 inch color squares and will be delivered to your door within a 5-7 business days of the request. If you need to see the colors right away, these materials can be readily found at The Home Depot, Lowe’s, and other hardware stores and are the same are the materials we provide.

Q:   Why are the inside corners of the dog ears rounded?

A:   These are rounded to protect the product from cracking.  All of the solid surface products will form a weak spot at the tip of a sharp inside corner.  If a crack was going to form, it would start here.  We round the corners to alleviate any potential for this to happen.  If the rounded corner interferes with the fit of the sill, we recommend carefully scraping away the material from the wall corner to adjust to the sill.  DO NOT SQUARE UP THE CORNER OF THE SILL.

Q:   How do I order the piece that goes under the sill?

A:    This is called an apron.  This piece can work in conjunction with any of the edge types.  Simply order the same color and use the “WINDOW SILL” option and then the “EASED STANDARD EDGE” option.  Label the piece “APRON” and this will let us know to finish all three exposed sides.  The most common depth/height is 2 inches; length is commonly the length of the inside of the window opening.


Click here for the complete Corian® color chart.