1. Make sure the substrate is clear of dust and debris
  2. Check the Window Sill in the window opening to ensure a proper fit
  3. Use wood or plastic shims to ensure the substrate is flat and level
  4. Apply 1⁄4” beads of 100% pure silicone every 4” to the substrate, keeping the silicone 1 1/2” away from any edge
  5. Insert the Window Sill into position in the window opening and gently press to ensure proper dispersion of the silicone
  6. Apply a bead of caulking to the perimeter edges that abut the window or drywall and smooth the caulking with your finger or a caulking tool
  7. Do Not Touch for 24hrs to allow the silicone and caulking to properly cure
  8. Enjoy your beautiful new Window Sill for years to come!