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Window Sills

Window Sills Direct – we know solid surface sills


Double window sill in Glacier White

Looking for a custom solid surface sill? You’re in the right place. At Window Sills Direct, every order is custom cut at budget-friendly prices.

We make the process as simple and inexpensive as possible for everyone:

  • DIYers and remodelers looking for one replacement sill or a custom upgrade
  • Interior designers looking for a wider range of modern sill options for their clients
  • Contractors retrofitting a few sills, overseeing an entire makeover, or building for the custom market

Sills are made to suit you

We carry standard and discounted colors, and can special order any color made. We cut sills to your lengths and depths, with your edge style.

No minimum order requirement. No penalty for small orders. No full or half sheet requirements.

HIMACS bay window sill in place

 You know the costs up front

Our interactive shop page can give you an exact quote with just a few clicks. Click on your color choice and fill in your sill dimensions. For shipping costs, load the shopping cart.

In a few minutes, you’ll know what it takes to make your project a reality.

Still have questions?

Feel free to call us. A real, knowledgeable person will get you answers.

Benefits of solid surface window sills

Dark window sills against creamy walls

Our solid surface sills are made to order from either high quality CORIAN® or HI-MACS® products. These solid surface sills look as good as granite, marble, or other stone, but are much cheaper and easier to cut and install.

In addition, CORIAN® or HI-MACS® sills have tremendous advantages over wood or vinyl sills.

  • permanent color. No fading or discoloring from UV rays
  • no warping or cracking with temperature changes or moisture
  • durable and long lasting
  • easy to install
  • no painting needed
  • low maintenance requirements
  • coordinate well with other materials such as wood, metal, glass, or tile

Whether you’re looking for an attractive, low-maintenance and durable sill in a shower, bathroom, or kitchen, or for good-looking, contemporary sills to go with your interior décor, we can provide a sill to suit.