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Corian Window Sills

Window Sills Direct – we make custom Corian window sills affordable

Finished window sills installed

CORIAN Glacier White

Window Sills Direct makes CORIAN® available to the custom windowsill market at cost-effective prices. On the market for over 40 years, CORIAN® comes in a huge range of colors and styles. We carry

In addition, we can special order any color off the Corian color chart, and from time to time, we offer special discounts from Dupont®.



Corian Witch Hazel kitchen sill installed above sink

CORIAN Witch Hazel sill

Need just one sill?

Unlike most providers, we don’t penalize small orders. You don’t have to hunt for a remnant to order one sill.

Need a number of sills?

We can save you money with

  • batch pricing
  • contractor discounts
  • and a range of shipping alternatives

Price your order

Check out our Shop page for prices per square foot. For exact pricing of your project, click on your color and fill in the dimensions. Shipping costs are available once you load the shopping cart.

Order the exact sill you need today — your color and edge cut to your specs.

Corian white sill with dog ears against brown wall